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Kids' Treasure Hunt Clues

If you are having a kids' party the first thing you will want to ensure is that they are distracted and entertained. There is nothing worse than a bunch of bored and restless kids. A good way to do this is to do a treasure hunt where you hide various objects on a list and give the players clues to help them where to find them. This is better done outside as you probably do not want a bunch of kids running around the house rummaging through everything.

A good way to set up a kids' treasure hunt is to give it a theme. Something like Disney or SpongeBob would work if you use objects that relate to that theme. Here is an example of treasure hunt clues and objects using the Disney Theme example:


1) It is Snow White's least favorite fruit (Apple)

2) It is the Beauty's hot guide in Beauty and the Beast (Candle Holder)

3) This Beauty's guide has two arms but no legs (The Clock)

4) It is clearly Cinderella's favorite footwear (The glass slipper)

5) It will make an Alice in Wonderland character "madder" if you do not find his favorite accessory (Top Hat)

6) It is the Lady and the Tramps favorite food (Spaghetti)

7) It is Mary Poppin's way to the clouds as well as protection from them (Umbrella)

Be creative with these. Pick any theme you want, or preferably that you child wants and stick to that theme. You can get a little silly or you can keep it serious but make sure it will be fun for the kids. And most importantly, make sure it keeps them busy for as long as possible. Happy hunting!